International ProAm competition

“Jurmala Dance Festival 2023” rules


These rules and regulations have been created in accordance to the rules and regulations of NDCA (National Dance Council of America) and meet the main articles of their regulations.

The following couples can take part in the competition: Pro/Am (Professional and Student), T/S (Teacher and student) and Am/Am (Student and Student)

Dance types in the competition

  • International Standart (W,T,Vw,F,Q)
  • International Latin (C,S,R,Pd,J)
  • American Smooth (W,T,F,Vw)
  • American Rhythm (C,R,Sw,B,M)
  • Argentine Tango Salon (T,V,M)
  • Argentine Tango Free Style( T,V,M)

Dance time rules

In all dance types the music has to be played between 1:10 min and 1:30 min.

Viennese Waltz – between 1:00 and 1:20 min. Paso Doble – 2 accents.

Argentine Tango Scholarship category, the music is played for the whole duration of the song. If there is only one couple on the dance floor – 1:00 min.

Showcase competition music times are specified in the Show rules and regulations below.

Categories and levels

The following categories are included in the competition: Single dance, Multi dance and Scholarship. During the Single dance events, both women and men students compete separately. During Am/Am competition, dancers compete separately in Single dance and Multi dance categories. During Single dance and Multi dance events, the adjudicators mark the students.

Single Dance events

The following levels can be used in the single dance categories:

  • Newcomer
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

If the couple is dancing in Newcomer or any other level in the closed category, the couple should use the NDCA dance figure restrictions and lists. All other categories (except Newcomer) in Open Categories do not have any figure restrictions. All dancers cannot dance in more than two next to each other levels (ex: Newcomer and Bronze, Bronze and Silver, Silver and Gold – all these are OK!).

Multi dance events

Two, Three, Four and Five dance challenge events have the following levels:

  • Newcomer
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

If the couple is dancing in Newcomer or any other level in the closed category, the couple should use the NDCA dance figure restrictions and lists. All other categories (except Newcomer) in Open Categories do not have any figure restrictions. All dancers cannot dance in more than two next to each other levels (ex: Newcomer and Bronze, Bronze and Silver, Silver and Gold – all these are OK!).

Argentine Tango events

Two dance categories are included in Argentine Tango competitions – Salon and Freestyle. All levels in Argentine Tango Single dance and Multi Dance categories are Open, with no Dance figure restrictions.

The levels are as follows:

  • Newcomer
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Scholarship competitions

Scholarship events are not divided into levels and there are no dance figure restrictions (Open). The event is only divided into age categories. During the Scholarship events, adjudicators are marking the whole couple (Teacher/Pro and Student).

In order to be eligible for Scholarship and Rising Star Scholarship competitions, the couple MUST dance and register for Single Dances in the same dance style they wish to dance the Scholarship or Rising Star competition - (Standard, Latin ir American Rhythm - 5 Single dance; American Smooth ir Caribbean Mix – 4 Single dance; Argentine tango – 3 Single dance; 10 dances – 10 Single dance).
If a couple does not enter/take part in the Single dance competition, that couple is disqualified and will not be able to take part in Scholarship or Rising Star Scholarship events.

Age categories

Single and Multi dance competitions have the following age categories:

AA under 13 yo

A0 13 - 18 yo

A1 19 - 35 yo

A2 36 - 50 yo

B1 51 - 60 yo

B2 61 - 70 yo

C1 71 - 80 yo

C2 over 81 yo

Scholarship events have the following age categories:

Teen under 19 yo

A 19 - 35 yo

B 36 - 50 yo

C over 50 yo

During 10 dance events, the couples are all competing in one category.

Pro/Am and T/S couples age category is determined by the age of the student.

Am/Am (Student/Student) - by the older person in the couple.

A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 age category couples can compete in their own age categories as well as younger age categories if they wish to enter in those categories. AA age category dancers can compete in A0 age category. A0 age category dancers can compete in A1 age category.

Scholarship B and C age category dancers can compete in their own age categories and all younger categories if they wish to do so.

Show dance competition Rules


Any Pro/Am couple can take part in Show Dance competition if the Show meets these rules and regulations. Show Dance competition is not divided by gender or age categories. All participants compete in one group, regardless if their Show is in Standard or Latin American styles. Only one dance can be used to enter in the Show Dance competition.

Show Dance competition

Requirements for show dance:

Show dance must be in at least 1 (one) or it can be a mix of any, and up to 10 (ten) dances – Slow waltz, Tango, Argentine Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive. If more than one dance is used, the dance tempo needs to be very clear.

Show case time:

The Showcase needs to be not longer than 4 minutes, counting entrance and exitto and from the dance floor.


Showcase can have a maximum of three (3) lifts, which are not longer than 15 seconds each.

Props and lights

The props (Chairs, sticks or other extras) are not allowed. All couples in the competition dance with the same light set up. Any other light effects are prohibited.


The music has to be given to the DJ before the competition. Formats: CD, i-pad, I-phone, I-Pod or USB.

Adjudication criteria:

Adjudicators will mark couples based on these criteria, which are all of equal value:

  • Choreography
  • Technique
  • Complexity
  • Character
  • Couple dancing (togetherness)
  • Musicality

Markings and results

In first rounds, the adjudicators will write down the list of all couples, who in their opinion, will qualify for the next round. In the final, the couples will be marked by places from 1 to 6, after all the couples have completed their show dances.

IMPORTANT:If the couple does not meet all the rules and regulations stated above (exceeds time limit, uses more lifts than allowed, uses props etc.) the couple will be disqualified by the decision on the chairman of Adjudicators.

Competition Results

All competition results will be available in the Riga Dance Festival Website not later than 7 working days after the competition. All printed results can be acquired only after the end of the competition and once they are confirmed by the Chairman of the Adjudicators. During the competition only the Chairman and the Secretary can view the results. Secretary does not have the right to print and provide any couple with the results during the event.

General rules of conduct

All participants (Professionals, Teachers and Students) must purchase the entry tickets to the ballroom. All competition participants must be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes before their heat start time, which are provided in the Heat Lists.

The organizers do not have to stop the competition if a couple did not come on the dance floor for their heat. If the couple has missed their heat, no money will be returned.

The organizer is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any personal belongings left in the ballroom, the changing rooms or any other

Competition premises. Competition organizers are not liable and not responsible for any health problems or injuries during the event. This is solely risk of the participants.

If the couple does not abide the rules set in this document (Ex:dances more dance figures than their level allows) they will receive a warning in the first round, their results will be disqualified for the dance in the next round, and will receive last places in the final. If a couple does not dance a certain dance in the final, they will be marked last for that dance.


After the conclusion of Single and Multi dance competitions, all couples will receive Diplomas and organizer presents.

Scholarship finalists will receive diplomas and first three coupes will receive diplomas and medals.

The organizers have the right to award the couples with extra prizes and nominations.


Only International level of Adjudicators with International License will be judging the event. During the competition, it is prohibited for adjudicators to talk with participating couples, give their remarks and opinions. It is also prohibited for adjudicators to discuss couples between themselves.

Couples are not permitted to approach any judges and ask for their opinion or remarks. Adjudicators cannot comment on their marks.

Couples must take marks as final and they are not under any discussions.

 Last remarks

A couple is counted as “registered” only then, when required registration form has been submitted in the specified time period and all the required payments have been made. Once registered and paid, but not present in the competition (haven’t arrived) no refunds will be provided to the couple.

If the couple has, for any reason, made contact and informed the organizers about their cancellation after the 15th of September,2023 - no payment refunds (including Packages, Entry tickets, entry fees etc.) will be provided back to the couple or person who made the payment.

The organizers have the right to refuse registration without any explanation for any person or couple.